Polunsky continues to disgress

Howdy to all from the polunsky gulag, Tx death row. Its a real sad situation here, went on quarantine lockdown july6th. we are short staffed beyond reasonable standards. The unit is now faced with the spread of coronavirus.
So nobody wants to come to work, or be exposed to it, as it spreads across the dorms, to buildings. The mailroom, commissary, offices administration has been infected. Prisoners are still held in closed quarters. This is insanity in action.
The row has not been hit by the virus as its officers wear mask, we are inside in the airconditioning. We all practice good hygiene, washing things daily. It is amazing – considering the lack of cleaning now. We are locked down so once a day things are cleaned up.
Still we have a new pest – one that carries the virus – RATS!!!!
We are seeing Rats enter the row-coming into our cells at night. its rather disturbing considering they crawl into out of sewers. I heard on the news testing in sewer is a new way to identify local hot spots of the virus.
I see rats crawling in the fences coming across to our building every night. Its no joke! They are known to carry all types of desiese germs, viruses etc.
Complaints have been filed to Headquarters- from free world… over the past week since complaints went in – nothings been done to combat the rats. Having worked as a exterminator in the 90
s I know the measures that can be taken. traps were removed! no poison or bait has been put out. Pest Control run by prison has not arrived on unit to do anything yet.
When a inmate gets bitten by a infected rat then maybe somebody will take notice. Its the worst feeling to be caged, and have the rat coming into your cell. You have no choice in the the matter. What would you do? show it away? Its going to be battle royal if one enters my cell! deeply disturbed in Texas….